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Cleaning Tips: Professionally Trained Employees vs. Standard Employees

One of the major things that set Germ Smart Cleaning Service apart from all other Miami cleaning services is the quality of its staff. Germ Smart Maids are professionally trained employees. They are not just standard workers that can handle cleaning supplies. But what does that mean to you as a homeowner or business manager? And really, why should you care?

Basically, professionally trained employees and standard employees do not handle home cleaning services the same way.

Professionally Trained Employees vs. Standard Workers

Professionals deliver expert cleaning services, while standard employers don’t.

Professional cleaners have a thorough knowledge of and insight into the cleaning process. They understand the uniqueness of individual surfaces. They also recognize that there are various types of flooring and that no two surfaces should be mindlessly given the same cleaning treatment. As such, you’re unlikely to suffer any damage when a professional does your cleaning.


Certain cleaning chemicals are relatively safe. However, others are hazardous and must be handled with the utmost care. A professional cleaner understands this, hence, handles these chemicals cautiously. That way, accidents are seldom recorded.

Higher Standards

It is only normal that one who claims to be a professional does a better job than an individual who isn’t. This concept is true for residential cleaning services. A standard employee’s standard of deep house cleaning services will likely fly as regular home cleaning for a professional.

Better Equipped

A professional house cleaning service employs the proper tools to carry out their office cleaning service quickly and seamlessly. Therefore, you do not have to worry about getting the supplies yourself. Additionally, you can rest assured that the maids will use only the appropriate tools.

Better Impression

If you care about making the best impression on your guests and clients, you should definitely get a professional cleaning staff. An expert cleaning service is especially essential for a customer-facing business. A well-cleaned workspace will leave your clients and first-time customers with a good impression of your business. It also shows that professionalism is indeed a part of your culture as a business.


Whether you’re looking for a call center cleaning service or an after-party cleaning service, you get to schedule the cleaning. And the best part? Germ Smart has an allowance that allows you to make timely adjustments to your booking. This means that should an unforeseen situation warrant that the space cannot be cleaned at the scheduled time again, you can reschedule. All you need to do is reach out at least 24 hours beforehand, and Germ Smart will reschedule at no extra cost. Only expert cleaning services have adequate systems to allow you to make such modifications.

Extra Add-ons

A professional cleaning service will deliver top-notch cleaning services to your home or workplace. A professional cleaner doesn’t clean your house like you would because while cleaning is a chore for you, it is a job for an expert cleaner. However, besides cleaning services, you may request home sanitization and other more specialized services, such as after-party cleaning service, move-out cleaning service, and clinic cleaning service.


Professionally trained employees outshine regular cleaners in every way in the cleaning industry. So, while getting a professional to clean your home might cost you a little more, it pays to do so in the long run.

GermSmart Cleaning Service

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