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Three Facts You Didn’t Know About Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

You know what an expert cleaning service covers and why a professional cleaner is truly a professional. You also understand that there are professional carpet cleaning services specially designed to meet the care needs of your rugs and carpets. Perhaps you even know why it is important to get an expert deep cleaning service to handle your carpets and not a regular cleaner.

All of that is great, and we’re glad you know all you do about residential cleaning services and professional deep cleaning services. But, we bet that in all your knowledge acquisitions, you’ve not come to terms with these three facts about professional carpet cleaning services. And if you want to keep your carpets clean and enjoy them for the longest, you must come to terms with these three facts about carpets and professional carpet cleaning services.

1.  Professional carpet cleaning services are not overrated

“Why does it cost so much to do the cleaning?” “After all, anyone can clean a carpet.” Well, not anyone can clean your carpet as it should be cleaned. Therefore, resist the temptation to talk down the services of a professional carpet cleaner when next you’re tempted to.

Many people hop into the nearest home maintenance store and rent carpet cleaning machines, nursing the belief that all it takes to get the job done is the right machine. However, the problem with these DIYs is that they often do more harm than good. Many carpet cleaning machines use too much water to clean your carpet without making adequate provisions to rid the carpet of moisture. Consequently, you end up with a carpet that looks clean but has a lot of water sucked into it. The moist environment within the carpet then makes it perfect for mold and mildew growth, breeding germs and bacteria. Not only is this unhygienic and damaging to your carpet, but it is also hazardous to your health.

2.  You need a professional carpet cleaning service more often than you think you do

When does your carpet need a professional carpet cleaning service? When it’s dirty, right? So, when exactly is it dirty? When you start seeing obvious stains and dirt clusters on it? Wrong. Your carpet becomes dirty long before you notice the obvious change in color or visible damage. Seeing the dirt on the carpet is, in fact, a sign that your carpet is gradually being damaged already. So, what you need is a periodic, thorough professional cleaning that prevents your carpet from having dust and dirt pressed into it unnecessarily.

3.  A professional cleaner always does a better job

You may be meticulous when it comes to cleaning your home. That’s great. Kudos! But regardless, a professional cleaner will do a better job. Professional carpet cleaners beat average, meticulous individuals in quality and speed. So, while it might sound right to take on the job of deep cleaning your carpet yourself, it’s usually not advisable. Apart from doing a better cleaning job and leaving your carpet spotless, a professional cleaner handles your carpet carefully, using the right tools and products to ensure maximum durability.

Bottom Line

When it comes to carpet cleaning, the bottom line is to let the pros, like GermSmart, do the cleaning. You’re advised to have your carpets professionally cleaned by an expert cleaning service at least once every six months.

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