5 Cleaning Facts You Didn’t Know Were True

You are competent and quite knowledgeable about cleaning. That’s true, and we are not arguing about that. If anything, we’re proud that you know as much as you do about cleaning, but we bet you don’t know it all. Homeowners find many facts about cleaning a bit weird and sometimes even difficult to believe. But, we are about to make it five less numerous by sharing with you five surprising cleaning facts we bet you didn’t know were true.

Five Surprising Cleaning Facts That Are Actually True

Here are 5 interesting facts about cleaning that you may never have thought of and probably won’t believe are true.

1.    Cleaning gloves could be unclean

Yes, you read that right. Cleaning gloves could be unhygienic. In fact, they are often unsanitary, given the way many homeowners use them. We use cleaning gloves during deep cleaning to protect our hands and skin from germs and bacteria. They are supposed to protect us from coming into contact with germs. But how well do they do this? And have you wondered what goes on inside those handy cleaning gloves?

Due to the nature of house cleaning, cleaning gloves are often warm and moist, making them a perfect environment for breeding germs. So, before you slip them on again to continue your routine cleaning, it’s worth taking some time to soak them in hot water to eliminate germs.

2.    Germs live on surfaces longer than you think

Take it or leave it; germs are more stubborn than you give them credit for, or do we say resilient? Research has proven that germs may survive on wet surfaces for as long as 72 hours, i.e., three days. Meanwhile, they can remain on dry surfaces for up to 24 hours. So, you can’t afford to postpone your home cleaning or overlook deep cleaning services. If you’d like to keep your home germ-free with minimal effort, get an expert cleaning service company like Germ Smart to do all the heavy lifting. All you need to do is return to a clean house.

3.    Doorknobs are way dirtier than you think

Your doorknob probably doesn’t look brown from dirt. But trust us, it’s one of the dirtiest surfaces in your home or workplace. Why? It’s really simple. Everyone that goes in and out of your property touches the doorknob, often multiple times. So, unless a regulation prevents anyone from touching your door knob without watching their hands, you’d be having an avalanche of germs at those entrances.

4.    Dirty kitchen

Not to creep you out, but kitchens are one of the grimiest rooms in the home. And understandably so, as many cooking activities go on there. Consequently, there’s more reason for microorganisms to rush in here. As such, the chances of bacterial contamination are pretty high. So, when cleaning your home, pay special attention to your kitchen.

5.    Kitchen sinks are dirtier than toilets

It sounds sarcastic and unrealistic. Yes, we know. However, research has proven that kitchen sinks contain more germs (bacteria and viruses) than toilets. So, before you boast about how every inch of your kitchen is clean, remember this fact. A handy trick to clean the kitchen sink is to use baking soda, white vinegar, and warm water. Alternatively, you could just get a professional to leave your kitchen sink germ-free.


We bet you didn’t see those facts coming. Cleaning can be both fun and tricky. That’s why it’s good that you can leave your house cleaning to Germ Smart, a licensed cleaning service company with years of experience and customer satisfaction. That way, you go out and return to a clean house.

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