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How Often Do Workspaces Need To Be Cleaned In A High-Pace Environment?

Keeping your workplace clean is no doubt crucial to the sustenance of your business. But how often do workspaces need to be cleaned? How often should you get a workplace cleaning service? Should you get weekly, biweekly, or monthly deep cleaning services to handle your workplace cleaning needs? Or, would it be necessary to have some form of cleaning service every day of the week, every week of the year? 

How Often Do You Need Workspaces To Be Cleaned?

The cleanliness of a workspace influences the productivity of employees. Hence, office cleanliness is of utmost importance. How often you need workspace cleaning services depends on certain factors that affect cleanliness.

Factors That Influence How Often Workspaces Need To Be Cleaned

Here are factors that influence how regularly you need to clean your office.

Number of People 

How many times you clean your office largely depends on the number of people interacting with the office space. How many people come in and out of the office, staff, visitors, and clients included? As a rule of thumb, the more people that go in and out of your office, the more often you have to do the cleaning. A workplace with 20 workers or less may be kept clean with a weekly cleaning service. On the other hand, one with numerous staff members and clients may have to do the cleaning daily.

Business Type

Do you run a school, a restaurant, a hotel, or a manufacturing firm? Each business has a unique cleaning need. Schools and hotels are fast-paced environments in which numerous people go in and out daily. Hence, they need to be cleaned more frequently. However, an industrial business only has to clean its reception area constantly. You’d have to get clinic cleaning services even more often if you run a hospital.

Human Resources

If you have a staff member dedicated to carrying out janitorial activities within your premises, then you can have the office space cleaned as often as possible. However, you should get professional cleaning services to handle your workplace cleaning if you’re understaffed.


Hiring an expert cleaning service means paying a professional to clean your space. How much you have budgeted for this will significantly impact your chosen cleaning package. Germ Smart, for example, offers periodic professional cleaning services. Also, there are various cleaning packages from which you can choose.

Number of Businesses in the Space

If you share an office space with other companies, the activities of these other companies will definitely affect your cleaning schedule. Also, having more companies in a space means more workers, more clients, more visitors, and usually more activities. Consequently, this means there has to be more cleaning going on as well.

Type of cleaning

The frequency of cleaning in a workplace also depends on the type of cleaning. Are you getting regular cleaning and sanitization services? Or, are you getting a deep office cleaning service? Regular cleaning usually involves dusting surfaces, cleaning tables and chairs, and sweeping and vacuuming the floor. It basically covers simple tasks that take your office from dirty to clean. Deep cleaning service, on the other hand, go a little further. They include more intensive cleaning processes that require professionals.

Deep cleaning doesn’t have to be done in the workplace as frequently as regular cleaning.


There’s no specific answer to how often you need to clean your office. However, the above factors help you make an informed decision that keeps your workplace safe and secure for operation.

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