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Clean Your Workplace to Avoid Sick Days with Disinfection Services

Creativity is commonplace, productivity is excellent, sales roll in, and revenue is building. You’re happy and excited. It’s been a great year so far. Until your best staff member calls in to take sick leave and twelve other high-performing staff members can’t deliver because they are ill. And it seems like the productivity curve is dropping.

If you’ve had to manage a workplace, you’d agree that diseases can spread like wildfire. But, the good news is that you could save yourself and your employees from this stress if you clean your workplace and get professional disinfection services.

A full cleaning service weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly can significantly reduce your company’s sick leave requests. 

We understand that having sick workers could be disturbing, especially when they go on paid sick leave. So, we’ve prepared a handy guide to help you stay germ-smart and reduce sick leave in the workplace. 

Easy Steps to Prevent Sick Days in the Workplace

Contact a Professional Cleaning Service

As with having a clean home, you can have a clean office by hiring a proficient deep cleaning service. Professional cleaning service in Brooklyn will clean every nook and cranny of your office space, washing and scrubbing till your desks, tables, chairs, floorboards, shelves, and environs are spotless. 

Consider Getting Professional Disinfection Services

Getting a cleaning package that only includes an initial deep cleaning service is a good step. But, hiring a professional commercial cleaning service provider like GermSmart that offers both cleaning and disinfection services is even better. That way, you make the right impression on your clients with a clean office and protect your employees’ health by keeping the office space germ free.

Send Sick Employees Home to Recover

Having a sick employee work might seem like a good idea, especially when the illness isn’t life-threatening. However, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) thinks otherwise. A sick worker in the office exposes others to germs and the risk of the same disease. Plus, many professionals would rather sit through a 2-hour meeting or lose a vacation day than have their sick colleague come to work.

Declutter Your Workspace

Clutter is detrimental to mental health and productivity. It has been linked to procrastination and low cortisol levels, resulting in a lack of motivation. So, if you’re looking to cut down on your sick leave records and optimize productivity, you should avoid clutter. Furthermore, clutter can hide dirt, making cleaning difficult.

GermSmart: Clean Your Workplace in the Germ-Smart and Effective Way

Keeping your workplace clean and disinfected should be a priority if you’re a business owner looking to cut back on paid sick leave and boost employee productivity. 

GermSmart offers germ-smart cleaning packages that will no doubt reduce sick cases in your workplace. GermSmart services are flexible, and various cleaning options are available. So, you can request a full cleaning service weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. You can also have a customized cleaning package. Whatever professional cleaning service you want, GermSmart has your company covered.

GermSmart Cleaning Service

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