What To Do When You Need To Clean & Disinfect Your Home Or Office?

Cleaning homes or offices is nothing new. In fact, an average individual will clean his place at least once a week. However, we can’t say much about their cleaning processes being right. To clean & disinfect your home or office, there are some things you need to know.

Nonetheless, to save yourself all the stress, you can always hire a professional cleaning service to help you take care of it all. You can rest assured that the professional employees of any good service know just the right way to help with your cleaning and disinfection. And remember, one good deep cleaning service to check out always is Germsmart.

Things To Know Before You Clean & Disinfect Your Home

Gathering The Needed Tools

Often the issue many have, and you may come across when planning to clean & disinfect your home, is that you end up using the wrong tools. There are some standard pieces of cleaning equipment. Sometimes all you need to clean up your home is just soap and water, and other times, you might need to use some mild bleaching chemicals in some situations.

Knowing the right way to approach each cleaning and disinfection process can be key sometimes. Now, when taking on a professional cleaning service, you should know many cleaning options are available. From a deep cleaning service to a basic one, all their cleaning packages are backed up with the right tools needed.

To Disinfect, You Will Need To Clean First

If your primary goal is to clean & disinfect your home or office, remember to clean first. Cleaning helps remove dirt from most surfaces and makes the process of disinfection easier. As disinfection works by using sharper chemicals and often doesn’t react with dirt, you need to reduce the germs first by cleaning.

Disinfection gives you a clean home by basically eliminating all germs from surfaces. So, while cleaning and mere sanitizing help reduce the microbes on most surfaces, disinfecting removes all traces of germs. And if where you need to clean will need more commercial cleaning attention, it’s always safe to take on professionals who know all the right buttons to press.

Germ Smart generally offers its full cleaning service weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on the cleaning packages you want. And for feasible locations, they offer a cleaning service in Manhattan, a cleaning service in Brooklyn, and a thorough cleaning service in New Jersey. You can always book an appointment to clean & disinfect your home today.

How To Clean And Disinfect Your Home


It all depends on what you are cleaning. So, whether the surface is tough or on the softer side, there are distinct ways to go about it.

  • For delicate exteriors, like your drapes and carpets, the first thing is getting the appropriate cleaning product. And next, you launder them based on the instructional guide.
  • Generally, to wash most soft surfaces, it’s always advisable to clean them with a temperate water level and allow them to dry out completely. Drying them in the air is always the best. Note that for some mild cleaning, vacuuming also works.
  • And for tough exteriors, like your tables, walls, sinks, floors, and so on, just washing them with water and soap is often enough. You hardly need to dry them outside.


  • Safeguard your skin and eyes by putting on the necessary protective materials
  • After reading the instructions on the cleaning products, you should use them as advised.
  • Ensure to allow the chemical to stay on the exterior for a moment, just sufficient enough to remove all the microbes.
  • The space being disinfected should be properly ventilated to prevent you from breathing the chemicals in.
  • It’s always advisable to moisten the chemicals at R.T except when stated differently in the user manual.


This guide has covered the basics needed to clean & disinfect your home or office, and we hope you know what to do now. And if you’ll prefer a professional cleaning service instead, always remember that Germ Smart got you.

GermSmart Cleaning Service

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