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5 Home Cleaning Areas You Can’t Forget To Clean

Every part of the home is essential and, as such, should be kept clean. Whether it’s the toilet, bathroom, kitchen, living room, or garage, every area of your home deserves a deep cleaning service that always keeps it clean. However, there are key cleaning areas in your home that are so vital you can’t afford to forget, come what may.

5 Areas That Need a Deep Cleaning

1. Kitchen

The kitchen is an essential room in the home, and with the level of activity that goes on there, keeping it clean is not optional. It is a must-do. Most people usually do the dishes, sweep the floors, and dust the counters. After this, they assume their job of cleaning the kitchen is done. However, every kitchen deserves to get a deep cleaning service periodically. This should include, in addition to the general home cleaning mentioned earlier: cleaning the range hood in and out, wiping the refrigerator clean, washing and disinfecting the sink, and washing the dishwasher as well as other major kitchen appliances.

2. Bathroom

The bathroom environment is usually moist, making it a good breeding ground for germs and diseases. So, beyond washing your bathroom floor or keeping the tub clean, it is vital that you do some deep cleaning. Take time to wash your shower curtain inside and out.

Paying attention to every little detail when cleaning your bathroom may be a bit challenging, but it is undoubtedly rewarding in the long run. After all, your bathroom needs to be kept clean if you want to keep germs at bay.

3. Windows, Screens, and Blinds

Cleaning windows and blinds could be really stressful, and you might be tempted to neglect them. After all, no visitor comes in to inspect the host’s windows. However, cleaning them is worth the stress. If you leave your blinds without cleaning for long, you’ll soon notice a change in their natural color, and it’s only a matter of time before it begins to affect the quality of natural light you get. So, clean your windows and blinds periodically via wet dusting. All you need is a cleaning towel, some warm water, and soap. You can also use some vinegar in your cleaning to make the windows sparkle again.

4. Closet

Your closet is a very private space that virtually no visitor ever gets to see. This also means that it is a likely dumping zone for items you want to keep from your visitors’ view. Cleaning and organizing your closet may either be a fun job or a worrisome task, depending on whether or not you’re up for it. But remember this: your closet should always be kept clean and organized, even if no one else gets to see it.

5. Shower Door

The shower door often goes unnoticed, giving it the liberty to accumulate dust and grime. But it is an area of the bathroom you should clean regularly. The best practice is to wipe your shower door after each bath to prevent streaks on the glass. However, if this isn’t feasible, you should consider a weekly cleaning. Or, better still, employ an expert cleaning service to do some deep cleaning.


A home is only safe and hygienic when every area of the property is clean. Unfortunately, you can hardly keep up with keeping all the cleaning areas clean. A quick fix to this is to employ an expert cleaning service like GermSmart to handle your residential cleaning.

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