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4 Cleaning Tips That Make A Difference In Your Home

Cleaning your home is not optional, especially if you’re looking to have a productive space. However, you’d agree that house cleaning is not exactly the best way to spend your time. It’s even more difficult when you’re doing the cleaning yourself. After all, you are not a professional cleaner. So, keeping your home dust and germ-free may be a bit of a struggle or take you more time than it ought to, especially when you’re trying to do a deep cleaning. The good news is that there are tips that make the job easier. Here are four cleaning tips that make a difference in your home cleaning and will no doubt help you make the most of your home cleaning services.

4 Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips

1.  Get every cleaning tool in one place

You may be tempted to head out to get your cleaning tools as you need them. After all, you won’t be using all the tools simultaneously. The problem is that doing this is ineffective, and you’re likely to get tired of the process sooner rather than later if you constantly have to head out to get some tools before you continue. Instead, gather all your cleaning tools in a caddy. That way, everything you need is within reach, and you conserve the energy you would have otherwise spent running out to get a tool each time the need arises.

2.  Cleaning Tips: Microwave your cleaning clothes and sponges

Often, we’re so focused on having a clean house that we overlook the cleaning materials we use. However, cleaning towels and sponges provides a suitable breeding spot for germs and bacteria when left unclean. For maximum effectiveness, clean your cleaning materials after each use to prevent a buildup of dirt that may cause contamination or infection later.

A handy DIY tip is to microwave the wet sponge or towel for about thirty seconds. This serves as a form of sterilization; after that, leave them to cool for about a minute, so you don’t burn your hands when taking them out.

3.  Clean your windows with vinegar and newspaper

If you’ve tried to clean your glass and mirrors with a dry cloth in the past, you’d agree that it doesn’t do a perfect job. It sometimes leaves behind undesirable streaks and patterns on the glass.

Good news: you can get better results for less just by using newspapers and vinegar for your glass cleaning. Newspapers do an excellent job at cleaning glass without leaving stains or smudges behind. To get your windows squeaky clean without investing in expensive specialized chemicals, simply get a spray bottle and mix vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:1. Thereafter, shake the solution well to ensure even dissolution and distribution. Then, spray the solution on your screens and wipe the surfaces with newspaper.

4.  Clean faucets and stainless steel surfaces with lemon and salt

Hard water often leaves stains on non-stainless steel surfaces. These stains may be especially pronounced on your faucets since water constantly runs through them. The citric acid (present in lemons) and the salt combo is a budget-friendly and effective ways to get rid of these stains. That way, you enjoy effective residential cleaning on a budget.

Cleaning Tips Conclusion

Hiring an expert cleaning service like GermSmart to do your home cleaning no doubt beats all these cleaning tips and tricks. However, they are handy tips for a more effective cleaning experience in your home.

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