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What Is a Deep Cleaning Service and Where Can You Find One?

You’re about to schedule an expert cleaning service. You’ve done some quality research, and rest assured that the company delivers premium cleaning services. So, you’re at the point where you fill in the specifics of your services, get a quote, and the rest is history. You have two basic options: a regular cleaning and a deep cleaning service. Which do you choose?

It is challenging to make this decision without first understanding what a deep cleaning service is, what it covers, and how it differs from a regular cleaning service.

What Is a Deep cleaning service?

A deep cleaning service describes a thorough cleaning process that removes dirt and germs and leaves your home squeaky clean. It is a complete cleanup process that focuses on accessible and frequently touched areas and surfaces, as well as hidden nooks and crannies that often go unnoticed.

Stages Involved in Deep Cleaning

Beyond removing visible dirt, deep cleaning leaves you with a sanitary environment free from germs and diseases. Hence, deep cleaning is usually a two-stage process.

Stage 1: House Cleaning

The first step in a deep cleaning process is to remove organic matter and visible dirt from the area. Additionally, surfaces are dusted, floors swept and vacuumed, trash removed, etc.

Stage 2: Home sanitization

This comes after the area has been swept clean. Here, the maid uses disinfecting chemicals, killing the bacteria and germs that may be present.

Regular Cleaning vs. Deep cleaning services

Regular Cleaning Services

If you request a regular cleaning package from an expert cleaning service, you can expect that the maid will do the following:

  • General dusting
  • Floor cleaning and vacuuming.
  • Wiping surfaces
  • General cleaning of the toilet and bathroom
  • Taking out the trash

Deep cleaning services

Deep cleaning services are generally more expensive than their regular counterparts. However, it is worth the investment because it offers greater value. If you’re getting a professional deep-cleaning service, you can expect to have the following:

  • All surfaces thoroughly scrubbed
  • The nooks and crannies that go unnoticed cleaned
  • The door and window frames cleaned
  • The interior doors of your oven are wiped clean
  • The insides of your microwave cleaned
  • Your bathtub looking squeaky clean
  • Deep grimes and tough stains are completely gone
  • Range hood cleaning in the kitchen
  • Kitchen sink disinfected
  • Bathroom tile walls cleaned and disinfected
  • Mildew chemically handled
  • Frames and switch plates in the bathroom all cleaned out
  • Living room cushions and pillows cleaned
  • Ceiling fans and chandeliers carefully dusted

With deep cleaning, the list goes on and on as to what you can get. Generally, anywhere that can be reached with a stool is cleaned during a deep cleaning service, whether or not it is an area visible to visitors.

Differences Between Deep cleaning services and Regular Cleaning Services

Attention to Detail

Deep cleaning services are more detailed and comprehensive than regular home cleaning services across all Miami cleaning service providers.


While the focus of a regular cleaning service is to rid the area of any visible dirt, a deep cleaning service aims to have an overall sanitary environment free from germs and bacteria.


Deep cleaning services usually cost more than regular cleaning services do.


Deep cleaning is systematic and comprehensive. Therefore, it takes more time to carry out.


Deep cleaning services get rid of germs that often escape regular cleaning. If you’re looking to have an expert give you workspace deep cleaning services or home deep cleaning services, contact Germ Smart today!

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