5 Awesome DIY House Cleaning Tips

It’s something we’ll have to do in the long run. No matter how much we hold the cleaning chore off, mock it in the eyes, or even close the door at it. It’s always there; until we decide to do the clean-up job, But things can get easier with it, right? At least when you have some awesome DIY house cleaning tips.

If you want a healthy lifestyle, doubtless to say, you will have to start it up from your home. Professionals say cleaning up your house should be a lifestyle. And many, who can’t run the race of house cleaning, working, and maintaining sanity, have gracefully opted for one professional cleaning service or the other.

So, the house cleaning deal only gets sweeter when you know some way around it. Below we’ll look through some of the best DIY house cleaning tips you will wish you knew before.

DIY House Cleaning Hacks To Get You Going

Frankly, taking on professional employees from a reliable, professional cleaning service can be one of the best decisions you can ever make. At least if you are looking to make your life easy. Nonetheless, if you’ll prefer taking the highway, here are some remarkable Do-It-Yourself hacks you should definitely try out:

Get Your Surfaces Buffed By Using Olive Oil

Olive oil has been here for a long time, and many culinary enthusiasts sure have a lot to say about its “delightful” uses. Yet, you should know it just doesn’t end there. Whether it’s your steely pots you want to be revamped, or maybe, your pans are looking way too dull, a few drops of olive oil might be all you need.

To use this DIY house cleaning tip, all you need to do is add a few drops of the oil on a soft cloth and then, in circular movements, brush lightly on the spot you want to see glistening. Then phew! Great job.

Get Rid Of The Smell And Toxicity Of Your Garbage By Adding Limes/Lemons

This is a nice way of getting rid of the odor most garbage disposals give out. And not only does lemon help with the smell, but it also helps to clean it by detoxifying it. Really, many cleaning options are available to keep your disposals hygienic; nonetheless, this is one DIY house cleaning hack you can’t go wrong with it too.

To do this, you should cut your citrus into quarters, and as the watery part starts to drip off, drop each part into the trash. The effectiveness will surprise you.

Alcohol Helps With Stains

You might have heard this one somewhere. And you should know your chemistry teacher wasn’t lying. So, yes, pouring a bit of vodka on that huge, blotted stain marking your tiled floor can very well do the magic.

Getting your cleaning right by employing professional employees for a deep cleaning service. Or taking on a full cleaning service weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly might not always come easy. Not when you consider the dent it leaves in your pocket. So, why not try removing those unyielding stains with some touches of alcohol?

Get Your Tubes And Toilets Sparkling With Vinegar & Baking Soda

Vinegar & Baking Soda have always worked very well with stains. So whether it’s your tub you want to clean or the toilet tub you want to see whitened, you should try this out.

For this DIY house cleaning tip, all you have to do is add vinegar and about ½ the same quantity of baking soda into a container and then stir with heated water. Now, you should pour it into the material you want to clean. Leave to rest for five minutes. And now, add enough hot water to reach about a quarter of the material.

Leave to rest for another five minutes, and then let out the water. And yes, you are good to go. This is a good one for commercial cleaning too.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Essential Oils

If you want your toilet cleaned or some surfaces glistening, essential oils are another options to check out. You should know these oils are quite easy to use.

Final Thoughts

A little bit of DIY house cleaning tips will go a long way to make your cleaning chores easier, and we do hope the tips above help. And if what you want is a sparkling clean home, Germ Smart is always here to give you a professional clean. 

Germsmart offers its cleaning service in Manhattan, you will be able to get our cleaning service in Brooklyn too, and yes, we will give a smooth cleaning service in New Jersey as well. And be assured that we provide a lot of cleaning packages.

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