How Often Does A Home Need To Be Cleaned?

Ideally, you should clean your home once or twice a week. But that’s only in the ideal sense; sometimes, it might be better to consider switching things a bit. For instance, if you have hairy pets especially, you might want to get your rugs vacuumed more than once a week. The home needs to be cleaned, but you can better manage that by paying more attention to the situation.

Personal preference may vary too. Often, some people could wear a piece of clothing just once and deem it fit for washing, while another set could use the same clothing just a few more times. You should know there is nothing wrong with wanting to have your bathroom cleaned every week or your floor mopped every two to three days. Many of us respond to our environment differently.

Now, if you are thinking about the stress that will go into that, getting help from professional employees of a cleaning company will always be a good choice. However, as with many basic and commercial cleaning services, a reliable one might be tricky. But you should know that you will always be safe with Germ smart. Still and all, below, this article will further give more in-depth answers to why a home needs to be cleaned.

How Often Does A Home Need To Be Cleaned: Daily, Weekly, Or Bi-weekly?

The answer to this question largely rests on what exactly is being cleaned. Apart from the reasons given in the introduction, the tools you want to be cleaned in a home will determine how often the routine should go.

Various cleaning options are available with most cleaning services. Hence, you can decide to go for a deep cleaning service or go for other cleaning packages. So, for how often a home needs to be cleaned, do consider these models below.

  1. If you want a thoroughly clean home, you might want to subscribe for that bi-weekly.
  2. However, if your cleaning needs are pretty basic and will involve doing the dishes or sweeping some primary rooms, it will help to go daily with the cleaning.
  3. Tasks like vacuuming, scrubbing the floor, watching the bathroom, and so on could come once or twice a week. Based on your choice.

Germ Smart is a cleaning company that has been around for a while. If you need professional employees to help with your cleaning service in Manhattan or a cleaning service in Brooklyn, you could always count on Germsmart. Or do you want a cleaning service in New Jersey as well? Germsmart is very much available to come as often as your home need to be cleaned.


Dirt accumulation never does the body too much good. And even if you have the world’s greatest immune system, those fungi and bacteria cells are bound to break in one day. So, why wait till then, when you could have one of the best professional cleaning crews at your doorstep when you want?

Germsmart provides a full cleaning service weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. So, depending on how you want it and the cleaning packages you want to subscribe for, Germsmart does get you.

GermSmart Cleaning Service

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